The Vision® is aligned with Common Core State Standards, which serves as an accountable foundation for all academic curricula. Each has pre- and post-assessments complete with student reflections. The Vision® is a sustainable resource with evidence based results for teachers, parents and youth providers to implement systematic lesson plans and mentoring strategies covering an array of character building aptitudes. The series of 21 educational curricula can easily be taught in the classroom, in the home or community at large. Topics addressed in this curricula center on character development and life management skills in a measureable outcomes format.

  • DVDs

    dvd_make_the_commitmentMake the Commitment

    Description: “Make the Commitment” is a high-powered presentation for all students to help spark their commitment to excellence.

    Grades: 6-12

    dvd_lion_jungle_&_youThe Lion, The Jungle and You!

    Description: “The Lion, The Jungle and You!” takes viewers on a motivational adventure into the jungle. The jungle will be filled with obstacles and real-life challenges students often encounter while in school. Audiences will be engaged through role-play, dramatic interpretations, and real life scenarios designed to challenge students’ thinking, while inspiring them to make the right decision at the right time. Students will be challenged to make the right friend choices, because the wrong choice could negatively impact their future.

    Targeted Grades: 7 – 12

    dvd_combat_bullyingCombat Bullying: Facts, Signs and Prevention Tactics

    Description: “Combat Bullying: Facts, Signs and Prevention Tactics” educates audiences on bullying, the various forms of bullying and its long-term impact. Viewers will take away decision-making concepts to avoid and prevent bullying situations.

    Grades: 3-12

    dvd_social_media_&_your_childSocial Media and Your Child

    Description: “Social Media & Your Child” delivers a powerful and informative presentation enlightening parents to the potential dangers of social media.

    Grades: 3-12

    dvd_success_is_a_journeySuccess Is A Journey

    Description: “Success Is A Journey” is a highly engaging presentation that demonstrates the path to success from elementary through high school and college graduation. This pictograph presentation is highly motivational and engaging.

    Grades: 6-12 


    Target Grades 3-12

    Stop the Bullying

    Description: This curriculum educates students on how to identify the act of bullying. Students will learn how to avoid encounters with bullies and seek out help, as well as how to be a positive advocate for others who are being bullied. Days 1-4 available.

    Conflict Resolution

    Description: This curriculum teaches students the art of resolving conflict in their everyday lives in a positive and proactive manner. Days 1-2 available.

    First Impressions

    Description: This curriculum helps students understand the importance of a first impression and will demonstrate the importance of a firm handshake, eye contact and an effective greeting. Days 1-3 available.

    goal_setting_cvrGoal Setting

    Description: This curriculum motivates students toward greater achievements by helping them to become goal oriented. Days 1-3 available.

    Grammar 101

    Description: This curriculum equips students for everyday communication by educating them on the importance of speaking with correct grammar and utilizing the proper subject and verb agreements. Days 1-3 available. 

    Study Skills

    Description: This curriculum teaches students essential strategies, methods and skills to acquire good grades in school. Students will gain useful techniques applicable throughout their academic pursuits. Days 1-5 available.

    Time Management

    Description: This curriculum teaches various time management techniques enabling students to become more efficient and effective with their time. Days 1-2 available.


    Target Grades 3-12

    Code of Silence

    Description: This curriculum informs students of the dangers associated with keeping secrets when asked to take a vow of silence. It encourages them to proactively alert the appropriate officials to dangerous or criminal intent.

    Healthy Relationships

    Description: This curriculum addresses and teaches students how to recognize a healthy relationship and when to seek help for an unhealthy relationship.


    Description: This workshop defines the term “hope” and explores the importance of maintaining it in everyday life.


    Description: This curriculum teaches students about positive leadership and helps them understand the qualities and personal attributes needed to be an effective leader.


    Description: This curriculum educates students on the importance of fulfilling their responsibilities and the consequences that may arise from neglecting them.


    Description: This curriculum empowers students to gain and maintain a positive self-image.


    Target Grades 3-12

    Hygiene for Girls

    Description: This curriculum illustrates the importance of good hygiene and grooming; and teaches young girls the fundamentals of womanhood.

    Hygiene for Boys

    Description: This curriculum will illustrate the importance of good hygiene and grooming; and will teach young boys the fundamentals of manhood.

    The Value of Life

    Description: This curriculum teaches students to value life by exuding positive characteristics, avoiding negative influences and developing a plan for a successful future.

    The Type of Stereotypes

    Description: This curriculum provides a basic understanding of stereotypes and how to rise above them as an individual.

    Sexual Assault

    Description: This curriculum will address and teach students how to recognize and avoid potentially harmful situations, including sexual assault.

    Substance Abuse

    Description: This curriculum teaches students the facts about alcohol and drug abuse, along with the importance of helping others who use these substances to seek help to quit.

    Team Building

    Description: This curriculum illustrates the importance of teamwork in everyday life. Working together as a team is a necessary life skill set.